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 Blazing Holidays
 Posted: Feb 2 2015, 10:52 PM
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DATE GOES HERE • The Wizarding World's Beguiling Broadsheet of Choice • 5 κ
BLAZING HOLIDAYS: Fire Destroys Half of the Creature Slums. Death Count Unknown.
Lanie Becket
Last night, December 25th, just after dusk, the minster of magic ordered his aurors out of bed in order to set fire to the creature slums, which blazed through about half of the desolate houses before it seemingly burned itself out. This evidence leads this reporter to believe that this had been part of the plan, that for whatever reason the Ministry did not want to destroy the entirety of the slums at this time. When question, Head Auror Anton Bykova stated that he had no comment other than that he was doing his job. When pushed on the matter he added that he thought that it was a bit of a hasty act made by the Minister. He admitted to us in a confidential aside that in his opinion he thought it was a sign of desperation, that perhaps the Minister was losing control of the current situation and now he is attempting to reel it back in again. We could not get a hold of Minister Drake to get his direct words on the matter, though his secretary was marked as saying she thought it was about time that something more serious was done. She continued, "It seems dangerous to be keeping all those things there like that. I thought the Minister had promised to do something about our problems.After all they say, the best way to get rid of pests it to exterminate them." The counts of death are unspecific at the moment, though our sources are quite certain that once the final numbers are brought together it will be high. That being said, a witness stated that a lot more lives would have been lost if one of the Aurors, a young woman, had not broke ranks at the last moment and began warning as many people as she could. Most of the creatures that she got to aparated, or otherwise removed themselves from this scene. Regrettably, upon her last house it seems that this Auror, a one Juliet Dawson, a recent graduate of Hogwarts and apprentice to the notorious Madisen Lewis, seemed to be unable to escape the flames. Although no one has found the body, it is believed that she perished when the flames caused the feeble house to collapse. Recently married, our heart goes out to the family that this young hero left behind, just as it goes out to all those who have lost or manged to survive the fire. We cannot say what exactly this move did for the state of things among our people, but we can definitely draw the conclusion that this war has escalated farther than many had thought it ever would.

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