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 A Family Man At Heart
Basil Skydancer
 Posted: Dec 8 2014, 03:02 AM
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The eagle feather quill flew across the page as the Beaubaton Headmaster answered letter after letter from concerned parents regarding the safety of their children. After Hogwarts had declared itself a safe zone for creatures and Durmstrang had banned creatures from its halls he had been bombarded with inquiries. His own status among his students as a creature had many parents wondering if it was still safe to send their kids to school at a creature run school.

"When will they learn," Basil muttered, scrawling his signature at the bottom of another sheet of parchment. "I would never endanger their children by allowing the war to come into my school. Just because I'm the Goblin King does not mean I am going to cause havoc and chaos in a learning sanctuary." He pulled the next sheet from a dwindling pile and inked his quill, touching it momentarily to his cheek as his thoughts aligned again. It was moments like this that made him wonder how exactly he was able to balance his family, Headmaster duties, and ruling his kingdom with the amount of responsibility that came with each.

His twins were now school age and he was working with all the connections he had to find the very best tutors for them. If he had any choice he would send them to the same school in New York that he had attended. It was a premier academy for young wizards and had been his home away from home for fourteen long years until the time he graduated at the age of eighteen. Since they were displaying Fae powers though the man didn't want to take them too far from the Underground, so tutors would have to work for the time being.

His other duties took up much of his time and led to most of the days being spent away from his family. Basil made time for them but with the civil unrest and the Ministry cracking down on things his first priority had to be providing a safe and productive learning environment for his students. The Headmaster glanced at the family picture in a corner of his mahogany and heaved a sigh. Maybe tonight he'd be able to take a quick trip home to see them before anything worse happened in the world.
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