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 Secret Lives And Lies Revealed, will fix later
Sophya Prince
 Posted: Jun 26 2015, 01:58 AM
Nothing's gonna harm you, not while I'm around.
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DATE GOES HERE • The Wizarding World's Beguiling Broadsheet of Choice • 5 κ
Tonight here at Loose Lips, our focus is Extremist Creatures! That's right, the dangerous and the bold men and women who disgrace the very name of creatures have finally showed up in our news feed and we're ready to share with you their dirty little secrets. Popping into your lives tonight are the mysterious boys and girls of the underworld. Starting out, we'll talk about the one and only Ethon Pyrrhos.
This devilishly handsome vampire king has been known for his words of wisdom to the wolfies and the bats during the fire that destroyed parts of the slums, and also his suspected involvement in the St. Valentines murders. For all of his criminal activity, who would have thought that he could be such a heartthrob? There have been heavy rumors going around about his hot and heavy relationships with multiple young girls-- and boys! Have you been part of his devious love scheme? Owl us your own stories and you might get featured in the next article!
Next on the list is the new adult extremist, Aragorn Hawthorn. A few months ago we saw the former ministry worker practically threaten the Minister for Magic over the death of his sister, of which is still under investigation. There have been whispers coming into our mailroom about the young man passing out class-A muggle drugs to creatures in exchange for their loyalty! Could the previously lovable young man now be a hardened criminal?

Brock Cox, another rather handsome man, who has been off the grid for quite a while now, is rumored to have created a large lycan army. Could this be true? If it is, I wonder if he's gotten vamp king Pyrrhos to agree to let him use his vampire army, too?

One of our last two extremists that we're going to talk about today is Sam Labbrose. If you've ever seen this little tyke, you'll know that you definitely can't tell whether or not he's a boy or she's a girl. The newest word on Sam is that they're actually twins! Samantha and Samuel Labbrose have been seen separately but never together. Is it possible or is this rumor just a little far fetched?
Basil Skydancer, headmaster of Beauxbatons has been rumored to have had a secret lover way back in the day. It's also said that the lover didn't see the light of day after trying to break up with him. If this is true, I would think twice about sending your children to the fancy, French school. That's all for today, folks, come back again next time for more gossip and secrets!
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