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 Posted: Nov 19 2014, 11:48 PM
equality is a lie
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Masked individuals enter the Gringotts Wizarding Bank and massacre all the goblins inside.
Goblins protest the Gringotts Massacre in Diagon Alley, leaving destruction in their wake.
Goblins attack Muggle London in broad daylight.
A pack of eight werewolves kill fourteen individuals, five of them underage, at the Azorat Winter Festival.
May 2059
The Main Alpha Pack House in Azorat burns to the ground. There are no casualties. Soon after, Brock Cox resigns as Head Auror. Cyrus Drake is named his successor.
An entire Muggle village in Britain is slaughtered. There are over two hundred deaths. In response, the Ministry of Magic places wards around both magical and Muggle towns and villages.
Summer 2060
Attacks perpetrated by creatures, mostly werewolves and vampires, begin to increase.
Highmaster Ethon Pyrrhos fails to report for the start of term. Former Highmaster Sacha Rusnak takes his place.
Ethon Pyrrhos turns himself in for the St. Valentine's Day Massacre. Vampire Marius Sørenson is named his successor as Highmaster.
A small Muggle Russian city is slaughtered and razed. There are at least 1500 deaths.
On the day he was to be sentenced, Ethon Pyrrhos vanishes from Ministry custody.
late June 2061
Kallie Patterson is ousted as Minister for Magic. Cyrus Drake is appointed the new Minister and Anton Bykova becomes the new Head Auror. In a matter of weeks, legislation is passed leading to the creation of the Azorat Slums, forcing creatures into them and stopping creatures from receiving treatment at St Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries. The latter leads to the creation of the Remus Lupin Memorial Hospital in the slums.
early September 2061
At the beginning of the school term, Durmstang Highmaster Marius Sørenson is run out of the school by a number of angry school governors and parents. Creatures are banned from admittance to the school as both students and staff. Hogwarts declares itself a safe haven for all creatures, leading to the Ministry banning its officials from sending their children to school there. Beauxbatons continues to accept creatures. Aurors are sent into both Hogwarts and Beauxbatons to keep its students and faculties safe.
7 October 2061
Ethon Pyrrhos is declared dead by a British Muggle hospital. The Ministry of Magic takes it as proof of the Vampire King's death. However, rumours persist of his survival and there are reports of his sightings in the Azorat Slums.
Aurors burn down roughly half of the Azorat Slums. There are twenty-four confirmed deaths and approximately a half dozen unconfirmed casualties. Ethon Pyrrhos is confirmed alive and declares war on the Ministry of Magic. Wards are put up almost immediately around the slums preventing any human with ill intent from entering and Hogwarts opens up its doors to anyone displaced by the fire.
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