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 Posted: Nov 19 2014, 11:48 PM
equality is a lie
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Sons of Galen
The Sons of Galen are a group that somehow learned of the original vampires, Aurmerle and Æthon Galenson, back in the late eleventh century and have long believed that they hold the key to true immortality for all. Initially a sort of cult, the Sons of Galen kept cropping up over the centuries and are one of the primary reasons the brothers took the surname Pyrrhos. They have taken to kidnapping creatures for experimentation. The Sons of Galen's headquarters are located in the magical city of Azorat.
Those in the anti-creature usergroup are those that oppose creatures' attempts for equality. They would most likely support recent Ministry regulations on creatures.
Ministry Official
Ministry Officials work for the amalgamated Ministry of Magic, which serves as the Wizarding government for the United Kingdom, France, and Russia. The Ministry of Magic has seven departments, including Magical Law Enforcement, Mysteries, and Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Auror and Hit Wizard training take three years to complete. In line with recent regulations, creatures are no longer employed by the Ministry and none of its employees are allowed to send their children to Hogwarts.
Those in the neutral usergroup have not sided against or for the creatures, for a variety of reasons.
Those in the pro-creature usergroup are those that support the equality of creatures and would most likely not support the recent Ministry regulations on creatures.
Those in this usergroup are creatures. Detailed information about creatures can be found in the creature guide, located here. As opposed to extremist creatures, those in this usergroup would be unlikely to use violent means to achieve equality in Wizarding society and more likely to have registered their creature status with the Ministry.
Extremist Creature
Creatures who have taken it upon themselves to force change through violent and forceful means are in these usergroups. It would be likely that those in this usergroup have shunned creature registration.
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