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 Posted: Nov 19 2014, 11:46 PM
equality is a lie
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Welcome to Hogwarts Regenerated, an au post potter site. Take care to read through the rules before joining.

The most important rule is respect. Respect everyone, from the staff, to other members, and guests. Be kind and courteous to others in PMs, the cbox, and all other forms of communication. No advertising is allowed outside of the advertising forum and there is to be no plagiarism.

In accordance to Jcink's TOS, all members must be over the age of thirteen. Out of character accounts are only used by staff members. Please register an account with your character's first and last name in proper capitalization. If you want to change it, you can do it by going to My Controls -> Change Username, and an admin will approve it as soon as possible. Do not post in any in-character forums before having a character application accepted.

Our application is a freeform application, so don't be afraid to get creative with it as long as it is at least two hundred words. Please make sure to give your character both strengths and weaknesses. If a work in progress application is submitted, you have two weeks to finish it. Once done, reply to the app stating that you've finished and a staff member will review it as soon as possible. Please wait 48 hours before PMing an admin about an app review. Fill out claims as soon as possible. In choosing face claims, please make sure that celebrity has not stated that they don't want to be used and that the pictures you use could conceivably pass as the age of your character. Please fill out the mini profile as soon as possible. The only mandatory fields are species, alias, and creature allegiance. It can be found by going to My Controls -> Edit Profile Info. The avatar should be 250x400. Keep the quote short and the gif will resize, so don't worry about using one that's too big.

For in character posts, write in past tense and third person, though this is waived for letters and diary entries. Please try to write three paragraphs with four sentences each in posts. This comes out to about 150 words. Godmoding is forbidden. Do not try to control another character's actions without the permission of the character's handler.

In accordance to Jcink's TOS, all threads of a sexual nature must fade to black. If you want to write it out, please take it off-site. If a thread is potentially triggering, please mark the title with a [T]. If a thread deals with mature subject matter, please mark the title with a [M].

You are allowed as many characters as you want, simply take care to keep them as active as you can. Before making a new character, your previous one must have at least 20 posts. Dohtml templates are allowed, but please make sure that it remains easy to read. At the end of the day, pretty and intricate templates come second to legibility.

We hope you'll enjoy RPing here!

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